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If you live the life of a cigar connoisseur, you need equipment that’s going to make your collection shine. For those with eclectic taste, you need the right amount of storage to hold a vast number of cigars in a moistureless environment. However, there’s a luxury to storing when you’re on-the-go and sharing that fine selection with the world. The accessories you buy should reflect your sense of style, sophistication, and functionality. Here are a few essentials to meet your cigar smoking and storage needs.

Xikar X-treme Cigar Travel Humidor

Do you have a collection you want to share with a large group? The Xikar X-treme is the perfect travel sized humidor for you. This case is capable of carrying five cigars at a time while keeping them fresh and in pristine condition. Each cigar is fastened squarely into individual pockets inside a foam chamber keeping them safe, secure and locked in place. Instantly turn into the life of the party with this portable humidor.

The Xikar X-treme 5 Cigar Travel Humidor is the the perfect travel accessory for any cigar aficionado.  The case features a built in humidification device to be sure that up to 5 of your cigars stay perfectly fresh.


Bonded Leather 2-Cigar Case

For a quick fix for an active lifestyle, choose the classic Bonded Leather 2-Cigar Case. This case comes in brown or black, and holds two 6-inch or fewer cigars at one time. The case pulls apart into two pieces and secures by overlapping on itself. This locks out moisture, keeping the cigars fresh for an extended period of time when you’re out and about.

4.5 Inch Metal & Faux Leather Cigar Ashtray

Don’t let ash give you trouble with the 4.5 Inch Metal & Faux Leather Cigar Ashtray. The ashtray comes with a lift to hold your cigars while lit. You can also store them for later use. The metal tray is designed in a trap door style for dumping ash you produce below the tray directly into the container below. The tray is easily removable, so drop you extra ashes here until you’re ready to clean the inner container. Between the convenience it provides and the sophisticated design, this ashtray is a must-have for any cigar enthusiast.

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