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Save Money On Shipping With SurePost

How would you like to save up to 37% on shipping costs?* Well, you can if you choose SurePost instead of UPS Ground! SurePost Fast Facts - Only for packages 1-9 pounds.  The shipping weight of a 1 lb bag…

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How To Get Notified When A Product Changes Price

If you have been a Smoker's Outlet Online customer for a while you know that we regularly put products on sale.  We usually, but not always, send out a notice in our newsletter when a major product is on sale.…

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What Are Green Leaf Cigars?

Author: John   |   Cigars

The tobacco in Green Leaf Cigars, a.k.a. Candela Cigars, is baked instead of fermented, which retains the natural green of the leaf. For about 3 days, the tobacco leaf is hung in a barn and is cooked with high-temperature fires on…

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