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About RSB Tobacco

RSB Tobacco Co. was started in Farmville, NC in 2006 by the Bowen family, a family with ties to over a century of tobacco heritage.  The Bowens have been involved in every aspect of the tobacco industry from growing some of the world’s finest flue-cured tobacco to selling, warehousing, shipping and processing of all tobacco types.

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What Can I Do To Re-humidify My Tobacco?

During tobacco rag processing, raw tobacco is sent through re-dryers, which pull out all of the moisture. Later in the manufacturing process, the desired amount of moisture is added back to the tobacco. What does this mean to you? The…

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Pipe Care

Author: John   |   Pipes

Get more pleasure from your pipe. Follow these few simple guidelines. Tobacco should be packed firmly, but not too tightly, because it will be hard to draw and keep alight, not too loosely as the pipe will then smoke hot.…

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